Terms and Conditions


Services rendered automatically enroll you to receive the Legz Resume Dezign Studio client newsletter, which can be opted out of upon initial receipt.


All federal resumes adhere to the guidelines and specifications listed on the USAJobs.gov website.


While the entire resume process can be conducted online, Legz is happy to meet with her clients in person at their request.


All phone meetings should be scheduled in advance at a time agreed upon by both parties.


Final documents will be delivered to client in an editable format upon receipt of final payment.


Resume services do not guarantee future employment.


Legz will respond to all client inquiries within 24-hours of message receipt. (Your patience is appreciated while I tend to all my clients in the order they are received!)


Please allow up to 30 business days to process refunds.  Refunds are based on a percentage of work completed.  If no work has been done, a full refund will be issued within the timeframe specified in this policy.  If work is completed and a draft has been sent, 25% is held in reserve for the time put into producing the document.  For example, an unsatisfied client who has received a draft document at a cost of $250 would receive $187.50 in return funds, with the remaining $62.50 held for time spent producing the document received.  All attempts will be made to rectify any unsatisfied client prior to a refund being issued.